July 8, 2021

Led This Business Owner to Make a Radical Decision

By gl1x56ty

It’s been a brutal year for many businesses and their employees, and employee burnout has become a serious issue for many companies. One entrepreneur recently observed the “utter, soul-crushing exhaustion” on the faces of her employees during a Zoom call and decided to make the radical decision of shutting down her business for a full month to give them time to rest and reenergize.

“I decided to give our whole staff the month of August off—paid,” says Kate Compton Barr, cofounder and CEO of pip & grow, a company that offers sleep solutions for new families. “No one will be checking email, filling orders, running campaigns, or developing new products. No work. None.”

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The company is in the process of launching an infant safety and sleep support membership and will soon be publishing a baby sleep ebook. Normally new launches require extra hustle, but Compton Barr has decided to take the opposite approach. “Instead of asking [employees] to hustle, I [asked] them to rest—we’re calling it the anti-hustle,” she says.

Making the most of the shutdown
To keep the business running during the down time, employees are putting in place a number of systems. These include:

On the B2B side, offering significant discounts for bulk orders placed before the pause. This will help fund the pause, and encourage B2B partners to place their orders in a timely fashion so they can be filled before the break.
Focusing on automating systems that will allow orders to be filled while staff is away.
Accelerating the publication of The Mother of All Baby Sleep Books so it can generate some revenue while the company is paused.